From on-site camping to Glamping here’s info on camping at the Hog Farm Hideaway


Your 3-Day Festival Pass includes camping, although every vehicle will need a VEHICLE PASS (if your vehicle is 21’ or shorter), or an RV PASS (if your vehicle is 21’ or longer). You can purchase vehicle passes on our TICKETING PAGE page. Carpooling is highly recommended!

The Hog Farm Hideaway offers both car camping and LIMITED walk-in camping. Many of the walk-in campsites are nestled under our beautiful, shady oaks along 10-mile creek. Car camping is available in our flat, open meadow (limited shade).

Camping spots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Camping begins at 8:00 AM on Friday, and ends at 12:00 PM on Monday. Early arriving campers may not save spaces with their vehicles for late arrivals. To secure places for later arriving friends, early arrivals can pitch their friends tents or secure with extra gear (up to two spaces only).

There are no electrical hook-ups in the camp grounds. We do have a solar powered charging station for your devices. Fresh water is available throughout the facility. All toilet facilities are porta-johns.

In addition to the regular car camping areas, there are some designated camping zones:

For folks who prefer not to camp next to their vehicles, our walk-in camping areas are nestled under the oaks and closer to the stages, vendors, and the creek. Limited availability. First-come-first-serve.

RV sites are available for an additional fee. Please visit the TICKET INFO page for more information and to purchase an RV pass. RV passes are sold out. Visit our official ticket exchange to see if passes are available.

Check out our luxurious camping options to take your Hog Farm Hideaway experience to the next level.

Preferred RV, Car, and Walk-in camping is available for VIP ticket purchasers. Preferred Camping is located closer to the main concert bowl. Only VIP ticket holders will be allowed to camp in Preferred Camping.

Accessible Camp is for those with physical need to be a closer proximity to the main stage. Each guest is required to show an ADA placard and is allowed one vehicle and up to four companions in Accessible camping. Everyone must arrive in the same vehicle.

A safe and quiet space inside the campgrounds for parents and children to camp together and connect with other families in the community. Ask for Family Camp when you enter the campground. Note: For safety reasons, no cars are allowed in family camp. They will be parked adjacent to the camp. NO RVs. RVs must be parked in RV parking.

Located further from all the hubbub, the Quiet Camp is perfect for those who want to relax and get some sleep. Ask for Quiet Camp upon entry to the campground.

Sober Camp is for those who choose to experience String Cheese Incident shows without the use of drugs or alcohol. The primary purpose is to provide a safe environment for clean & sober String Cheese Incident fans. Come join a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying incidents while choosing to remain clean and sober. Not affiliated with AA, NA, or any other 12 step program. Not affiliated with The String Cheese Incident. One Incident at a Time. Ask for Sober Camp upon entry into the campground and look for the yellow balloons!

Hog Farm Hideaway