Enjoy interactive and engaging artistic spaces throughout the festival


Art Temple Lounge

Phaneros Art joins the Hog Farm Hideaway artist lineup to host an Art Temple Lounge with live mural painting and metamorphic good vibrations. Known worldwide for activating sacred spaces small and large, Phaneros Art is an Inner-Dimensional art collective, led by curator and founder Matthew Lessard, bringing the intimate psychedelic art experience Northern California deserves. Continually stretching the fabric of possibility with how psychedelic art and inspired community can collaborate to offer mind expanding experiences! Learn more.

Whimsical Wings & Upcycled Arts

Rob Tobin and team will be co-creating alluring installations and assemblages crafted from natural and super materials. Whimsical Wings will send the Hog Farm Hideaway’s Shrine a flyiń’! Learn more.


Bill Kennedy, aka InflataBill is an artist and designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also been known as a photographer, videographer, skydiver, bungee jumper, parachute rigger, and internet entrepreneur. We are excited to welcome his inspiring and illuminating inflatable art to help set our scene. Learn more.

Live Painters

We are honored to welcome painters Savannah Rain & Gage Kelsey to create a shared canvas at the Hog Farm Hideaway. “Art is our visual prayer for the world. With each vision we manifest, we want to spread the medicine of creativity to others. Through our paintings, we hope to inspire all to connect more deeply with themselves and Mother Earth.” Learn more about Savannah Rain and Gage Kelsey

Magic Square Art

Josh Cromwell combines live-painting and projection art to create a psychedelic, interactive art space. His installations include illuminations, a live-painted canvas, live projections, and LED costuming. We look forward to him lighting up the night! Learn more.

Doors of Perception by Alex Carlbon

Doors Of Perception is an abstract psychedelic interactive art installation. Learn more.

Nature Mandala

Cory Glory will be offering nature mandala mosaics and festival flower art to help grace our sacred space and Shrine Altar. Using found and gathered items and working along with the elements, her team will be building visual art meditations. Learn more.


I am capable of Magic. I am capable of happiness. I am capable of healing.

Sam Walsh will be sharing “Soar” this year, an installation of various sized UV reactive birds cut out from wood and hand painted. Learn more.

Hog Farm Hideaway