Reset and restore with renowned practitioners, bodyworkers & healers




Danny Goldberg & Folks

The Gong Sanctuary helps to balance and restore energy. Lay down, relax and experience the soothing sound vibrations of Gongs, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Flutes, Chimes and a variety of other instruments as they surround you and guide you into a deep meditation. The healing vibrations pass through your body, opening blockages and allowing your mind to rest. The physiological impact of sounds on the body, mind and spirit is apparent. Through the vibrations of the instruments, you will experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables you to journey within and center.

Indian Contemporary Dance

Vidushi Gupta

Explore an art form of movement inspired by Indian classical & folk dance, infused with modern elements of contemporary dance in a flamboyant choreography. Learn to move with a focus on balance, coordination, and improvisation. Experience the natural rhythm of your body supported by breath, emotions, and energy centers (chakras). Open to dancers of all levels.

Fundamental Mouth Harp Workshop

Neptune Chapotin

Traverse the basics of Mouth Harp playing through essential melodics & percussive breathing, in a comprehensive tutorial spanning a step-by-step dissection of three fundamental layers: tempo, melody, and breath. Workshop Level: Easy beginner through intermediate, with no prior musical sense or experience necessary. Mouth Harps will be provided for the workshop, from #TheWorldHarpsCollection.

Hog Farm Fun Hogs Yoga

Life is mysterious, don’t be so serious! This is a yoga class designed to help you relax, let go and get down to seriously enjoying the sweetness of being your playful self. All levels are welcome.

Free the Heart Yoga

Only when we are present, feeling safe and non-judging can we meet life with love. We will focus on grounding and stability before opening to greater freedom of the heart. All levels are welcome.

Peggy Profant

Cosmic Alignment – Hatha Yoga

Jordan Moon

Hatha Yoga practices that are curated around the astrological mandala. All levels welcome, the class can be as gentle or strong as each yogi makes it. Each session we will explore the current cosmic energies at play somatically in our bodies through the chakra system, mindfulness, asana and pranayama.

Ancestral Sound – Healing Journey – Vachu Adu

Machu Didgeridoos & Venus DelMar

Relax, lay down, dream, breathe and dance! Attendees will be immersed, propelled, and delivered to states of sonic remembrance with the synergy of ancient sounds: divine didgeridoo, native flutes, singing bowls, handpans, and multilingual voices of feminine/masculine balance. All acoustic, with a touch of mastery and timelessness.

Yin Yoga- Mindfulness Through Movement

Roxanna Kopp Smith

A great class to gently warm up the body after a night of dancing. No prior yoga experience is necessary – Yin yoga is beneficial for everyone. Each posture is held for several minutes, giving the mind a chance to get into a relaxed state, calming the nervous system and getting a deep stretch into the ligaments, connective tissue and joints. This is the greatest gift you can give to your body!

Sound, Silence & Song

A workshop that will take you on an experiential journey through the fields of sound and silence. Then, leading you into your voice while harmonizing with others. You will receive a deeper connection with yourself and understanding of the possibilities that exist within your inner and outer expressions.

Lucid Dreaming

A workshop that will take you into your subconsciousness. She will lead you to have a deeper understanding of how your dreaming attention (in the sleep and waking states) can assist you to heal, transform and see into your destiny. In addition, Suzanne will share a series of dreaming practices that you can utilize in your daily life to deepen your state of awareness and being in all states of life.

Suzanne Toro

Suraya David-Sadira

Eco-sexuality Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the concepts and theories of Eco-sexuality, an environmental movement that looks at nature as our lover rather than our mother. We will use poetry, intuition, and story to learn how we can use these concepts to redesign our love for the earth into a mutualistic, respectful, and sensual relationship that heals and regenerates.

Sustainable Farming & Community Building

In this workshop we will analyze the true sustainability of various farming methods. We will discuss how we can build a regenerative relationship with nature by implementing methods that will get us as close to a closed loop system as possible. Additionally we will explore how we can build stronger, more resilient communities by empowering each other to be more sovereign and interdependent.

Native Plant Spirit Medicine Walks

Ruthie Saia

Discover the native plants and trees of Black Oak Ranch with Ruthie on a spirit-filled botanical adventure. We will connect to plants on a deeper level as we learn the common and botanical names of plants and the medicinal, traditional food, and ritual uses of the native plants on this property.

*Please wear sturdy shoes, appropriate hiking clothes, and a hat. Bring a notebook, sun protection, and a water bottle.