Enjoy late night music throughout the festival grounds

Pedi Pop Off – Silent Disco

Enjoy late night music and entertainment throughout the festival grounds, brought to you on a dedicated DJ-Trike by People Movers Presents. Take your headphones back to camp and have a campsite dance party or stay with the DJ-Trike as it meanders around the festival grounds. Party at the Forest Stage where you can dance into the wee hours of the morning and check out the crazy films shown on the big screen.

Late Night Entertainment Schedule:

Friday – 12am to 6am
Saturday – 12am to 6am
Sunday – 11pm to 4am

Enjoy Three Channels:

Channel 1 → Live DJ’s playing house, funk, disco, jam-band, and dance music
Channel 2 → Playing classic live Grateful Dead concerts
Channel 3 → Andrew’s Crazy Movies! on the screen at the Forest Stage, 2 movies per night

DJ-Trike Route and Late-Night show location:

Each night, we will meet up at the Tea House (located in the food court) after the main stage performance is over. The DJ Trike will gather people up and then meander through the campgrounds. After approximately 90 minutes the DJ-Trike will move towards the Forest Stage area and land there for the duration.

Rental Locations:

To rent headphones, look for the Pedi Pop Off Hub located by the Tea House in the Food Court Area.
Or rent them on the spot from the Trike. Headphones rental fee is $10 per night, ID deposit required.

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